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The classic Chloe sunglasses perfect show women traits

by:Eugenia     2020-08-03
'Girl golden eyes looking up at the sky, with dancing in the sea, the sunshine bright is dazzing, as her radiant light. Please call out my name - — Carlina”。 Carlina classic sunglasses is Chloe release of 18 k gold limited edition, perfect show the women's fashion, atmosphere, elegant temperament. One of the most popular Chloe sunglasses Carlina series debut with 18 k gold limited edition brand new attitude, a vortex motion and thread beautiful condition of concentric circles big picture frame, all covered with 18 k gold plated, two gradient lens color: warm brown or slightly reflective effect mirror gold, show women's elegant and luxurious feeling. The sunglasses only sell 600 sets of global limited, each pair of sunglasses is carefully placed in m pink custom packing box, at the same time with specially designed glasses box, built-in soft material package.
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