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The classification of the photochromic lenses

by:Eugenia     2020-08-18
According to the color piece material classification, can be divided into glass color piece and resin color piece. Classified according to the processing technology of the photochromic piece, can be divided into color mixing type color, film type, infiltration type color. This article is to introduce the photochromic glass pieces. Photochromic glass surface photochromic glass pieces is the photochromic materials mixed solution with glass material, through the lens blank manufacturing; Traditional color lenses are mainly silver halide material as the main color of glass lenses, change color is in the making of color lens glass, in addition to general manufacturing glass raw material, and adding suitable amount of silver halide and tiny grain of copper oxide, the lens after the silver halide by the glare into elemental silver and halogen. Because silver and halogen elemental in dark, so the lens color is darker. When light dimmed or weaken, silver and halogen in under the action of copper oxide catalyst, synthesis of transparent silver halide again.
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