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The Cleveland sunglasses

by:Eugenia     2020-08-10
America as a master production sports sunglasses brand, its technology must meet many people of different sports demand, also because of this, the Cleveland sunglasses on the frame and lenses have their own patented technology; And according to the needs of different reality, the Cleveland sunglasses to leisure life divided into series and professional sports sunglasses. Then let us through the oakleys sunglasses, two series of oakleys sunglasses how to get to know. America life leisure series of sunglasses: 1, the leisure life of the wave series sunglasses America joomla series sunglasses will surf board edge is smooth and clean characteristics into the glasses frame design, with classic round leisure lenses, its leg is matched with embossed design, the side with a symbol of the brand 'O' ICONS, presents simple and agile line. O Matter® Memory plastic material strong and flexible features, make the picture frame to better fit the wearer's face. Lenses, sunglasses continue to use the joomla series Oakley America professional sport mirrors technology. Plutonite 99% UV protection lens material itself can filter a variety of harmful ultraviolet (UV) and blue light, the wearer won't have sunglasses for coating wear loss of eyesight protection trouble back at home. To ensure the fashion designs at the same time provide better vision protection for the wearer. 2, the leisure life of lock series sunglasses America lock series design inspiration originates from the best skateboard sunglasses are active street sports lifestyle. The glasses have within the frame of locking structure design, can make the sun glasses faster and more secure fixed to the collar of his coat pocket and to avoid glasses slipped out of collar. Will popular round frame, combined with movement function into the design. Lock series sunglasses is suitable for wear in any sport leisure activities. In addition to fashion round lens model, the latest release of Latch lock series also includes square lenses to choose from. Give love street movements, positive lifestyle of the young gens more styles to choose. America professional sports sunglasses series: 1, professional sports EVZero Path spring/summer 2016 campaign season, zero series sunglasses Oakley America for sports lovers new lightweight high-performance sunglasses: EVZero Path series with zero EVZero Range zero - Big people. Disruptive to the series with complex curved surface protection design instead of traditional frameless picture frame, vision and create conditions, every detail for achievement more excellent performance. New EVZero Path zero series, main color chose with the universe mystery nebula, tie-in and colorful red coating lens, from the design that the 'advocate' attitude. Relying on the powerful high-tech manufacturing technology, mirror Oakley America bring sports enthusiasts very light 'for sale' in the history of sports glasses, not only to optimize the performance of the glasses itself, also once again maxed out professional sports glasses appearance level. EVZero Range 0 - Big people in EVZero the technical performance and design concept of zero series, increased the lens horizon, giving the wearer wider on peripheral vision, can effectively avoid the visual blind spot in the movement process. At the same time, the Oakley America unique impact process, avoid the blunt impact injury in the process of movement. Zero series big people wear can be applicable to all kinds of sports scene, is particularly wide range of conditions and is particularly suitable for cycling enthusiasts. Oakleys sunglasses for people who wear recommended reading: 2, 2016 new spring PRIZM spectrum, perceptive professional sport series spring 2016, Oakley in classic best-selling model, on the basis of professional sports box type running PRIZM spectrum, perceptive lens of new spring color series. After 15 years of concentrated research and development, through to the human eye to explore a large number of color science and biology, Oakley launched landmark lens technology - spectrum, perceptive lens technology. It through accurate calibration of colour, show clear road, mountain skiing, golf, water, etc. Various environmental details of specific movement environment, with superior visual contrast color more vivid, the object contour and texture clear insight. PRIZM to let you see more clearly in the sport, more rapid response, a better performance. In 2016, PRIZM spectrum, perceptive high-tech lens technology boost the global more than 700 top athletes in Rio, jing is colourful world! What are the recommended reading: America glass frame strengths
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