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The collocation of famous glasses brand Gentle Monster criterion ( Man)

by:Eugenia     2020-08-05
Don't know since when Gentle Monster started the fire, because the sunglasses not only itself sufficiently tide have a van, star of the booster also played a big role. Sunglasses will and dress collocation, so as to make its adornment effect to the maximum, with small make up take a look at the star today the stylish men are different style is tie-in! Business men's match as a business man, work, work outside on a business trip, have a sunglasses that is certain, not only improve the level of his more showed their own tastes. This kind of man is the most like to wear sunglasses black frame, black lens sunglasses, such as Korean wonderful radio of this kind of Gentle Monster Absente. Yang Yang Gentle Monster Absente wearing the sunglasses best collocation is black clothing, the head and foot light will you foil more masculine, in this way, you will be a business man inside the most handsome one. Beach resort wear if you want to go to the beach on vacation, enjoy the sea breeze bring you cool and refreshing, a full of the flavor of youth and children sunglasses will be your best choice, it is just as well in play emotional appeal, such as gd wearing this pair of Gentle Monster BONA. Gd Gentle Monster BONA on collocation, navy blue and white stripe is very popular in the summer, and a wave of military elements of popular boom, tie-in fashion with short sleeves and this sport shorts and flip-flops, will make you look cool, handsome, and cool and refreshing. Literary youth wear if you are a literary youth, circular lenses is your best choice, such as the Gentle Monster DEBBY can not only reflects the strong culture, the meaning of the sort of harry potter, literary youth essence itself has a loose feelings, they will always follow your own heart to pursue the things they want. Gentle Monster DEBBY actually on the choice of sunglasses is the same on the collocation with garment, blue shirt and cotton striped tie, black slacks, plus a pair of bright red recreational shoe, this is the model of dissolute youth. Outdoor sports wear today, outdoor sports, more and more get the welcome of people, sunglasses but necessary sheet is tasted, it is said that more popular outdoor clothing, but less ugly, no fashion breath, actually otherwise, outdoor equipment can let you more type, more give prize. Grey blue t-shirts, shorts, wear a hat covered the sun, and wear a Gentle Monster of sunglasses to protect your eyes, then put on Nike outdoor sports shoes, you are a fashionable and healthy outdoor sports. Wu queer Gentle Monster Illusion men waiting for? To wear a Gentle Monster, you can also like stars in the summer become the focus of peoples attention. Similar style sunglasses recommendation: sunglasses factory YC9708 general sunglasses C7 black box silver leg/lens grey sunglasses factory YC9705 general sunglasses C1 bright black/lenses grey image from the network
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