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The colour of your season type determines your color for glasses

by:Eugenia     2020-08-03
The colour of your season type determines your color for glasses. Type color season ray-ban RB4225 646/55 men sunglasses transparent color, black and brown is generally for glasses considered safe, but many people confused about black glasses look very strange and brown glasses look very old and no spirit shortcomings, don't know why, so I simply give up wearing sunglasses. Actually this season and your personal color type, know the colour of their season type can rest assured the bold choose the color of the glasses. Purple slant red brown lens color sunglasses factory YC9712 men sunglasses C1 gun/green this purple slant red brown lens color is suitable for most people, if black lens and brown lens, if you are not very suitable for can choose the color. This is a joker color. The average person can wear a beautiful feeling, won't destroy you. Dark type frame and lenses are deep feeling of glasses is very suitable for dark type person. If your eyes are black hair, skin color and not white that you are dark possibility is very large, such as the type has the feeling of black beauty of love is dark. Dark type person will choose the same deep color of glasses and your head facial physiological color is very harmonious. Type light color with dark glasses, on the other hand, these two sets of glasses frame and lens color is shallow, very suitable for the hair, eyes, skin color is shallow people wear light color type, do you have a nickname too young? That you are very suitable for light color of the glasses. Don't wrong dark that a set of glasses, for you would be a disaster. Have the feeling of warm and cool color, cool color glasses blue will make you feel cold, for example, the person's face also has the branch of changes in temperature, you will have a sallow face feeling? Then you should be very suitable for these glasses with cool color to move. Only wear the glasses that cool color moves will make your face look very spirit. The warm color with orange tonal type people YC9711 men sunglasses sunglasses factory C1 black/dazzle colour red and feel the sunshine yellow bottom color is warm color to move, very suitable for face the warm color with orange tonal type. If you're brown or red brown hair hair color is very good-looking, or wear orange clothes are glorious, should also pay attention to choose glasses, must try this warm color to move. It will make your face shine up immediately. Visual impact of color will give you a strong visual impact. The glasses frame is in a prominent place in the color. Some distinct gorgeous colour frames a lot of people did not dare to try, afraid of the soil and ostentatious, in fact, if your hair color and eye black, color white, facial physiological color contrast and clear, you can try these gorgeous color glasses. You can wear western style and empowering. The color of the old some the color of the old a lot of people will think it is safe and conservative, but bring you the door. Believes that many people have such experience, but often hurt often war, these glasses with soft dark color is not suitable for the Chinese facial color, unless your eyes, hair is yellow, is not very transparent, like foreigners in the face, that you are wearing glasses will fit in this picture. In north China there are many such facial physiological color.
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