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The composite material in the a-level surface body panel: integrated energy storage---characteristics of acrylic lens

by:Eugenia     2022-01-10
In order to develop composite body panels that can store and release energy like batteries, the STORAGE project (2010-2013), led by the British Imperial College (London, UK) and Volvo Cars (Gothenburg, Sweden) and funded by the European Union, demonstrated the use of super A structural supercapacitor roof and trunk lid made of capacitor laminates reduces the weight by 60% compared with existing components. This rechargeable panel includes multiple layers of carbon fiber/epoxy insulated by glass fiber inserts. These parts are made of Solvay Specialty Polymers (Woodland Park, New Jersey, USA) MTM47 non-autoclave curing prepreg. In order to achieve effective energy conversion, various material methods have been studied, including carbon fiber reinforced carbon aerogel and multifunctional matrix (for example, 50% by weight epoxy resin and ion lithium salt solution). Volvo claims that this panel can power the 12V electrical system of its S80 hybrid demonstration car. The project member Swerea SICOMP (Piteå, Sweden) led the patent application for carbon fiber batteries. At the same time, the number of car models with photovoltaic solar panels on the roof is also increasing. 'For many years, the military has been developing solar panels and embedded solar panels.' said Gary Lownsdale, general manager of Trans Tech International (Loudon, Tennessee, USA). 'Hybrid composite materials once again provide many opportunities, such as adding carbon Nanotubes and other carbon nanomaterials. Embedding flexible circuits in body panels is also an attractive development because you can eliminate the wiring harness and simplify the supply chain and assembly.' Features of Acrylic Lenses
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