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The contact lenses are dry, can they still be used when they are soaked? _Contact lenses_

by:Eugenia     2022-01-21
Many people don't wear contact lenses every day, so many people forget to soak the contact lenses, or do not replace the care solution in the middle, which may cause the contact lenses to dry out. It is not recommended that you continue to use such contact lenses, the effect of wearing them will definitely be affected. But if our cosmetic contact lenses are dry, they can actually recover after soaking, but can we continue to use such cosmetic contact lenses? It is not recommended to continue to use. If the contact lens becomes dry, it is generally because the contact lens has been left for a long time, so a large number of bacteria may grow in the air and in the contact lens case. In this way, even if you soak the cosmetic contact lenses for a period of time, it seems that the cosmetic contact lenses have returned to their normal state, but in fact, the bacteria in them has appeared dozens of times the breeding situation, so even if you continue to clean the contact lenses, it will not It is possible to get rid of the bacteria directly. And after the cosmetic contact lenses have dried out, even if they are not damaged, their structure has changed. It is recommended that you change the care solution every day, so that at least the moisture is guaranteed first, so that it will not affect our subsequent wearing. It is necessary to know that the beauty contact lenses have been deformed, and it is impossible to restore their state. If the structure changes, it is impossible to change. If it cannot be restored to the original state, it will naturally affect our wearing. So as long as the contact lenses are dry, they must be thrown away. Does it have an impact on wearing? Because many people themselves buy contact lenses that are very expensive. If they are really thrown away, it is estimated that people are not willing to throw them away directly. If it only dries a little bit and is not completely deformed or damaged, you can simply soak and disinfect. If there is no problem, you can restore the original contact lens without any wrinkles, etc., then you can wear it once or twice. However, it is recommended that you still replace it, otherwise it will be difficult to deal with induced eye diseases.
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