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The correct way and steps for myopia patients to wear contact lenses_industry news_

by:Eugenia     2022-03-06
There are two types of lenses used to protect glasses for myopic patients. One is framed glasses that are placed on the bridge of the nose. This is a more traditional method of correcting myopia, and it is currently considered to be safer, more effective and more stable. Methods of correcting vision. The other is a new product in the eyewear industry, which is to put a tiny lens into the eyeball to correct myopia and improve visual clarity, commonly known as contact lenses. The correct way for myopic patients to wear contact lenses Contact lenses are directly worn on the cornea, and are also lenses used to correct vision protection glasses, which brings great convenience to the work and life of myopic patients. However, because it is in direct contact with the cornea, scientific wearing and proper care can avoid a variety of eye diseases. Therefore, only correct wearing and step-by-step wearing can ensure effective correction and will not cause eye inflammation and other eye diseases. Steps for wearing contact lenses for myopic patients 1. Check whether there are contraindications: go to a professional optical shop or eye hospital to conduct a comprehensive eye examination to exclude some eye diseases such as acute conjunctivitis, dacryocystitis, glaucoma, cataract, etc. Problems such as infection or aggravation of disease occur when wearing it. 2. Regular cleaning of lenses: Contact lenses are in contact with the cornea. In order to avoid bacterial infection, they must be kept clean regularly, and then put the lenses in artificial tears for preservation. 3. Master the correct wearing method: wash your hands with soap and water before wearing, then clean the mirror surface with cleaning solution, put the lens on the index finger and suck it with a tiny rubber tube, and then gently open the lens when you open your eyes placed on the cornea. 4. Can not be worn for a long time: contact lenses are directly attached to the cornea. Long-term wearing will lead to corneal hypoxia, causing corneal epithelial edema, rot, etc. In severe cases, it will lead to keratitis, so do not wear more than 8 hours a day. . 5. Regular visual inspection: For the first-time wearer, it is better to go to the ophthalmology department for a review within a week. If you find redness, pain, or blurred vision, you must stop wearing it in time and receive relevant treatment. .
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