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The craze for light mature men's style continues, frame glasses create attractive black-bellied men_Industry News_

by:Eugenia     2022-03-09
Today, Korean flowery men are no longer the more popular type of men. The attractive and mature uncle type is also a bit boring, and the elegant man with a light and familiar taste is more popular! How can young and mature men with fashionable qualifications be short of a pair of frame glasses that show their own personality charm? From the college style tortoiseshell printed frame glasses to the coquettish colored gradient frame glasses, create an all-round attractive and attractive belly Black male figure. The trend of light and mature men's style is not going away. Frame glasses create a charming black man. The classic black men's frame glasses have a new change. The natural gradient of black and transparent makes the frame glasses have the illusion of half frame, and also brings a very classic Abstinence's college vibe. If you are an academic and charming black belly, then this pair of frame glasses with little change but full of infinite imagination is very suitable for you. While the printing industry is raging on the runway and the streets, frame glasses are not far behind and become more 'bright and showy'. The transparent textured blue-brown gradient frame combines a calm and classic style. The combination of the two colors brings an unrequited masculinity to the frame, forming a new visual experience on the frame glasses. Just imagine, when you wear a blue fitted suit, comfortable and stylish Belgian loafers, and a pair of gradient glasses like this, you will be a more hit and mature male image this year and even next year. . However, the 'charismatic black belly' plot of light and mature men does not necessarily have to be fully armed with the playthings of the young generation. Tortoiseshell glasses with a very old gentleman's taste can also become another choice for you to be handsome. It is also a dark ochre full of texture, with dazzling golden yellow prints scattered on the frame glasses, with a little jumping color in the low-key, very stunning. The thickness of the frame improved by imitating the shape of the cat-eye sunglasses is also just right. The bulky and rigid are definitely not in the dictionary of this pair of frame glasses, which perfectly creates the light and familiar image of a charming black-bellied man.
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