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The crew of 'Big River' is too distracted, and the three pairs of glasses worn by Song Yunhui have deep meaning behind each! -Eye Care-Business News-

by:Eugenia     2022-05-02
Recently, a period drama 'Dajiang Dahe' is on the air. The director's positioning of the entire TV series and the details in the play are all that can withstand the 'hot eyes and golden eyes' of netizens. In fact, this drama mainly tells the story of our parents' time. Do you want to know the story of our parents when they were young? Today, let’s talk about the story behind Song Yunhui’s three pairs of glasses in the play 'Big River'. The first pair of glasses: light-colored big-rimmed glasses Song Yunhui felt 'inferior' everywhere because of the bad ingredients at home when he was a child. In Song Yunhui’s house, there is just one table and four benches. If guests come to the house, they have to borrow benches from the neighbor’s house, otherwise they will have nowhere to sit. Song Yunhui grew up in such a difficult environment. He wore a pair of rustic big-frame light-colored glasses from the time he jumped in the line. In his youth, he was simple and beautiful. He had the best grades in the county. However, because of his poor family background, he could not go to college. Song Yunhui stubbornly carried the 'People's Daily' on the open space of the county revolutionary committee with a look of dissatisfaction. He was not willing to change these glasses until he entered the Golden State Factory to work. The role of glasses in that era was just to be able to read the words clearly, without considering the issue of accessories at all. The production team also worked very hard in the styling design. Second pair of glasses: Song Yunhui, who entered the Golden State Factory with black full-frame glasses. Because of his upright and principled character, he had a bad relationship with the leader at the beginning. He was still outspoken about the wrong views of the leader and didn't mind at all. The leader's expression on his face was getting worse and worse. Song Yunhui also met Cheng Kaiyan, a girl he likes in the Jinzhou Factory, but it may be due to the family status when he was young. Song Yunhui would not take the initiative to chat with others, just a dull and silent face. When his sister Song Yunping passed away, Song Yunhui cried like a child, and the kindest and selfless sister who understood him the most in the family left, Song Yunhui was heartbroken. At this time, he changed to a pair of black full-frame glasses, which also symbolizes that he has truly grown into an adult from his heart and is willing to take the initiative to meet the ups and downs in the society. He also found his position in the Jinzhou factory and worked hard again. Go up, work hard! The third pair of glasses: dark brown round glasses. After Song Yunhui’s ability was gradually recognized by the senior leaders of the Jinzhou factory, Song Yunhui gradually changed from an ordinary 'three shifts' worker to a technician and an engineer. Enter the inner core of the Golden State Factory. In the play, the villagers of Xiaolei's family saw Song Yunhui who was called 'Xiaohui Xiaohui' after Secretary Lei at the beginning, and in the last few episodes, they called 'Xiaohui' that Song Yunhui would not be bluffing. , But 'Chief Song'. Director Song now looks like a high-level leader. Compared with Xiaohui, who has just started raising pigs, Director Song's temperament is even more different. Song Yunhui at this time was slightly different in appearance. He combed the hair on his forehead, revealing his forehead and looked very energetic. With this dark brown round glasses, he looked very mature and stable, and the responsibility he shouldered was even heavier. I wonder if you have any new discoveries about Song Yunhui's modeling details in the play? What do you think of Song Yunhui as a character? Please leave a message in the comment area!
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