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The Danish crown imperial frame glasses fashion brand children

by:Eugenia     2020-08-12
At the end of the fairy tale is always the prince and the princess live a happy life, the home of the fairy tale is always distant and mysterious Europe. If the prince and the princess got married, their BB will take what glasses? This kind of wulitou problems when listening to fairy tales will suddenly come out? LINDBERG quality never refused to children, the Danish crown imperial glasses for this group of babies born with a gold spoon prepared colorful glasses. AIR TITANIUM RIM series is the designer LINDBERG Dissing & amp; Weitling jointly design the whole frame of titanium wire frame with ultra light and excellent elasticity and toughness. Full frame, titanium silk slender process can adjust at will, and a variety of color selection from the frame to the mirror legs can set off babies all kinds of childlike innocence. Adhering to the designer's veins, LINDBERG RIM series as frames of designed for children and adolescents, the careful design for glasses won the 'frame' good children all over the world, the whole glasses weighs only 2. 7 g, give babies a 'relaxed' childhood.
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