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The day without creative director in Dior sunglasses design to rihanna

by:Eugenia     2020-07-29
Dior search for a new creative director work continues, but the design team can not been idle. Recently, according to a report by the women's wear daily, and they are busy and rihanna work together to design new sunglasses series. The name of this series is very simple, is called 'Rihanna, inspiration comes from the' star trek 'Geordi La Forge, Rihanna said he has been obsessed with La Forge glasses. Rihanna is Rihanna and Dior's first design class project cooperation, although in the past year, Dior for the first time invited Rihanna filming commercials and movies 'Secret Garden' IV, but before that, the French fashion house never to Charlize Theron, Marion had other brand ambassador open design authority. In October 2015, rihanna visited the headquarters of the Dior sunglasses design team, 'I spent a day and Dior sunglasses. I watched the whole file, to understand what they have done in the past, and familiar with all the new materials. Then I sat there painting until everyone is satisfied. That day, we choose the material and color as well, a few weeks later, I saw the first prototype. 'Rihanna recalls. According to the Dior sunglasses designer Mathieu Jamin, sunglasses lenses and choice of materials is rihanna, she also spent time color collocation, a a test on the face is beautiful. Believe that now has been successfully launched for Puma Fenty series of rihanna, have more experience on the design of fashion products. Cooperation will be on June series in Dior shop exclusive sales, specific release time is still pending, also did not see the corresponding AD auxiliary. And worried want to know the glasses about long what kind of friends, we have already help you from rihanna sets a steak on account to try figure. Eventually there will be a silver, pink, blue, green, red, all selling $840, or about 5400 yuan, there is also a 24 k gold plated version, selling $1950, or about 12600 yuan. Graphic information from the Internet
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