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The deer's bell to Christmas happiness and moving mirror in snow

by:Eugenia     2020-07-19
Into the cold December but romantic, a year will soon celebrate the romantic Christmas, how to deer in the bell sound, 'mirror' in the white snow fluttering to heaven? And look at Chloe, Calvin Klein, Calvin Klein Jeans, Karl unabashed Lagerfeld, LACOSTE, MCM with you about a romantic Christmas! In 2016 than ever before cold in winter, the northern children first snow in the early winter overnight, while southern child in the circle of friends look at full screen the first cold air also ushered in the winter with snow. Is like night of spring breeze comes suddenly, thousands of critics, pear tree, white is without a doubt this Christmas light elements, and is still popular color is red. Karl KUILTED as the theme in LagerfeldKL887 a glasses, deserve to go up brand unique pattern design, and adorn uniqueness is the frame of Karl silhouette; While the front frame and mirror legs use contrast strengthen Kuilted design effect. Overall meticulous, Christmas wear such a pair of glasses will be able to attract a lot of attention. The fashionable metal is tonal, Calvin Klein JeansCKJ465SAF classic frames with special texture of crack its leg. A piece of metal easily achievement with a winter white glasses, appear individual character is dye-in-the-wood. LACOSTEL。 12. 12 this series L790S, its design and implement the concise air of classic polo shirt. Its leg with three-dimensional petit pique small pique mesh design, combined with a rubber soft texture, as well as the mirror adopts unique material made of crocodile logo on the leg. No matter what kind of you to attend the Christmas party, such a white glasses will definitely help you stand out from the crowd. On both sides of Calvin Kleinck4307SA use classic half frame shape, decorated with chic metal ornament, brand logo is low-key act the role ofing to its leg, and the frame collocation of ivory white color soft lens, the overall grace, even the bundling of wintry day can still lining refined atmosphere. ChloeCE698SA the fashionable color matching design of the glasses, round frames of light coffee color extends to the central mirror legs, with a metal ornament on it, and the simple white has been extend from among its leg to leg at the end of the mirror, warm and reiki, very fashionable. Salvatore FerragamoSF806SA using Salvatore Ferragamo shoes classic Vara bow elements, and Christmas photograph echo of the bright red and the brand logo of quietly elegant form sharp contrast, a low-key costly feeling. In snow flower and the accompanying Christmas fairy tale, the retrospect and prospect in the coexistence of late, in your heart, whether to have so a pair of glasses to refill your grace posture? Christmas still need mirror in every year. Take this holiday season, choose belong to you a pair of eyeglasses ~
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