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The design feels dye-in-the-wood Luo Dengsi blue glasses

by:Eugenia     2020-07-22
Italian classic fashion brand Luo Dengsi, always with 'contracted', 'elegant' style characteristic to win the love of consumers. Glasses and it is just as the pursuit to conform to the fashion trend classic design, make the product design style is permeated with the fashion, elegant features. Nearly Luo Dengsi LAN new product 'and' release, it was inspired by the Chinese culture and classical Italian microcosm, restoring ancient ways is dedicated to the inheritance of life aesthetics and exquisite craft, through innovation, make it back to the contemporary life. Design of ancient and today perfect and unified, bold golden color with high standard box type restoring ancient ways, each Angle in vociferously LODENSELAN retro fashion charm. 'As in, as the next. '' and' the name of the simple but far-reaching significance, five thousand years of cultural accumulation, up and down, and your father, detained in, on, under the love of the king's gift, the grace of the parents, Thanksgiving culture, simple and real. 'And' believe in 'time' and 'emotion' is to the content, the meaning of 'retro' as the origin, the model created a series of both traditional and modern spirit of glasses, deduce 'bright and dull way of life,' give 'design life' perfect experience. Similar money recommends: ray-ban RB3532 001/68 men sunglasses Jin Zhuchuan wood wild Z2603 unisex eyeglass frame C1 black bamboo wood wild sichuan SLE10058 man glass frame gun BanJiu C5
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