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'The devil wears prada' Jenny brand-new deduce tyrannosaurus sunglasses

by:Eugenia     2020-08-01
Jenny for tyrannosaurus sunglasses poster shooting exposure recently, her dress in the photo fashionable restore ancient ways, wearing different style of tyrannosaurus sunglasses, even so, also still can't stop her line of sight, look cool, like a devil wears prada. Bolon tyrannosaurus 1950 s' Fantasy series from cora's design essence, three-dimensional cutting line draw the outline of cat-eye frames, metal mirror legs, frames and mirrors to hollow out the actual condition of echo, act the role of the gold on the hinge glue one Bolon logo design makes the perfect mix of three kinds of material. Method to extract the BOLON excellence technology and is the result of designers think of opportunely, make its full of futurism. BL5002 C80 type USES gradual spell color irregular cat's eye box type match on both sides of the hollow out design, green gradual hd polarized lens. 1950年代Bolon 'Fantasy - BL5002 C80Bolon 1950s'Fantasy - BL5002 C10Bolon 1950s'Fantasy - BL5002 D90Bolon 1950s'Fantasy - BL5002 D30
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