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The difference between hard contact lenses and soft contact lenses_Contact Lens_

by:Eugenia     2022-01-23
Friends who wear contact lenses should know that contact lenses are actually divided into soft and hard daily life. Most of the contact lenses we buy in China are soft contact lenses. Suitable contact lenses can be purchased. But if you want to wear the right high-end contact lenses, you need to understand the difference between hard and soft contact lenses. Here's a brief introduction. The first difference is that we are familiar with the material of soft contact lenses. Now many high-end contact lenses are made of silicone hydrogel. For example, some large brands of soft contact lenses are mainly made of silicone hydrogel, which has strong oxygen permeability. , the comfort is also high. Rigid contact lenses now use high-purity plastics. For example, the familiar rgp contact lenses contain polymers such as silicon and fluorine, which have higher oxygen permeability, good comfort, and wear resistance. It's really good. The second difference, the way of glasses, if you want to buy soft contact lenses, we can actually buy them directly through the Internet, just need to determine the degree. We will provide us with regular contact lenses. Each brand of products is directly supplied by the brand. While the price is favorable, it can also be guaranteed to be genuine. And if you want to wear hard contact lenses, you need to wear glasses in the hospital, you must go through optometry, and the condition of the eyeball should also be confirmed, so that you can wear glasses, not everyone can wear hard contact lenses. The third difference is that the price is different. If you want to wear hard contact lenses, you must be mentally prepared, and the price will definitely be very different. Through we can know the soft contact lens, the price of each brand will be very different, but generally speaking, the price of a few hundred yuan per month is more reasonable. But if you want to match a pair of hard contact lenses, the current market price is basically around 4000~6000 yuan, and it depends on our specific situation, and the price is indeed not low.
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