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The difference between polarizer and uv mirror_Sunglasses knowledge_

by:Eugenia     2022-02-21
Polarization and UV are widely used in life. Polarized sunglasses and polarizers used for shooting all use the principle of polarization. Not to mention UV mirrors, they mainly protect the lens. After understanding their functions, the difference is compared. Easy to understand. Let's take a look at the difference between polarizers and UV mirrors. The polarizer can eliminate glare and some reflected light, such as the reflected light from the water surface, the reflected light from the ground, etc., which can improve the clarity of shooting and improve the quality of the picture. In addition, you can increase the saturation of the color, such as when shooting blue sky, flowers, green leaves, etc., you can make the color more vivid. UV mirrors are mainly for the purpose of UV protection. For example, when shooting in mountains and snow, it can prevent ultraviolet rays. It can absorb ultraviolet rays below 380 micrometers, protect the lens under strong light, and protect the lens from dust and water. However, if the ultraviolet rays are particularly strong, part of the visible light will be shielded and the amount of light entering the lens will be reduced, so it is not of great significance for ultraviolet protection. The role of the UV mirror is mainly to protect the lens from dirt and scratches. Under the action of polarization, some light will be filtered out by the polarizer, so if the polarizer is used, the amount of incoming light will be reduced by 1-2 stops. Therefore, it is not often used when taking pictures, and can be used as a gray mirror. Therefore, polarizers are generally mainly used when reflecting light intensity and when shooting blue sky. When taking pictures, it is also necessary to master the use of polarizers in order to take a perfect picture.
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