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The difference between sports glasses and ordinary glasses_Industry News_

by:Eugenia     2022-03-08
Many people pay more attention to the style of sports glasses. In fact, there are many professional brands in China, mainly for the production and processing of sports glasses, so the quality of their glasses is quite good. And now basically sports brands will have dedicated protective sports glasses, so the practicality is good. But what is the difference between sports glasses and the myopia glasses we usually wear? The first difference is that the firmness is different. Ordinary types of glasses are really easy to slide, especially those with metal frames, because the friction is not very strong, so you often need to straighten yourself. However, it is impossible to use such glasses during exercise, which is really inconvenient, so special sports glasses are still needed. Sports glasses are protected by silicone at the positions of the nose pads and the temples, so that they can ensure very good firmness. There will also be a detailed introduction of sports glasses. If you want to buy sports glasses, you must pay special attention to the basics. The second difference is that the frames are different. The frames of the myopia glasses we choose are generally parallel, mainly to allow us to see things clearly. But if you choose sports glasses, everyone will find that the frames of sports glasses are generally curved, which can effectively block the reflection on the side and achieve a maximum of 360-degree UV blocking. Especially when doing outdoor sports, we definitely still need to choose sports glasses, so that the eye protection effect is better. The third difference is that the coating is different. There are more ordinary glasses that are anti-blue, ultraviolet or anti-radiation. Some color-changing lenses can be used as sunglasses. However, sports glasses in China generally have special coatings, which must ensure the effect of waterproof and anti-fog, and different coatings can also ensure the practicality of polarized light, especially when worn in summer, sports glasses are in the process of exercising The medium protection effect will definitely be better.
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