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The difference between sunglasses and polariscope

by:Eugenia     2020-08-09
To say clear polarizer and sunglasses, first need to introduce some knowledge of the polarizer and sunglasses. Polarizer is actually belongs to the category of sunglasses, a high-grade kind polarizer belongs to the sunglasses, however, the effect of polarizer is an ordinary sunglasses, this effect is can effectively block and filter out all sorts of polarized light that is harmful to the eyes. Recommended reading: maintenance methods of polarized sunglasses is so-called polarized light through a bumpy road, water and other places, the irregular reflected light, also known as glare. The light of direct illuminate the eyes, can make the person eye discomfort, fatigue, easily not lasting vision, depending on the definition of a body is obviously not enough. While the polarizer is using its lens linear molecules are arranged within the body, the various damage eyes glare of filter and exclude, namely polarizer arrange body through the lens of the linear molecule, for those irregular reflection to comb again, again and make more clear in the eyes of the light. The difference between a polarizer and sunglasses so the difference between polarizer and sunglasses in where? First polarizer and general sunglasses with uv protection and reduce the effect of light intensity, but the general sunglasses does not have or convert the role of polarization. This is the difference of the polarizer and sunglasses. Therefore, relative to the general sunglasses polarized sunglasses price is relatively cheap. 2 the main purpose of the polarizer polarizer is under certain conditions, the main purpose of protect his eyes from the damage. But for the general requirement is not high, can use common sunglasses, because belong to relatively high point in the sunglasses polarized sunglasses. Of course, if you need to drive car owners, it is better to wear while driving polarized sunglasses, because driving often will encounter all sorts of dazzle light, polarized sunglasses can block part of dazzle light at the same time, also can filter out the ground or across the body reflected light, so that the vision more clearly, reduce visual fatigue, is helpful to safe driving. - The Angle of polarizer effect more natural than sunglasses - clearly In addition, the fishing, the outdoor sports such as skiing, vacation, wearing a polarizer is more appropriate. 3 polarized lenses and ordinary sun glasses tell the difference between actually polarizer and sunglasses and argue the other method is relatively simple. As long as the two polarizing lenses stacked vertically, if not pervious to light is really polarizer, because polarizer lens special design of parallel light through the lens, so when two pieces of lens stacked vertically, most of the light will be blocked. In addition, still can undertake specific experience by the end of the sun, in the sun, polarizer can be much more comfortable than the general sunglasses. Of course polarizer and sunglasses difference is also clearly reflected in the price, the current market general price in a few hundred yuan polarizer, and less professional outdoor polariscope with more than thousands of thousands of tens of thousands of.
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