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The dog days will teach you how to dress wear glasses

by:Eugenia     2020-09-07
After more than half, RuFu also has many days, we not only should the summer and the sun, and contend with high temperature. Let sunglasses to help you go to the sun, pure and fresh and cool clothes help you sweep off the heat and showing the goddess. Hurry to see these different style is tie-in, there is always a let you move! 1, this is definitely a cool little pure and fresh sorching summer cool and refreshing and beauty coexist collocation, dark green and white collocation is pure and fresh feeling, plus a pair of dark brown round sunglasses restoring ancient ways, let your pure and fresh and dress up big points. Streets, or friends idle can let you be outstanding! 2, small cool sexy this black and dark green main tonal, the fashion sexy. Condole belt brief paragraph coat with a package hip skirt, show the curve of the perfect, coupled with a pair of dark green sunglasses, absolutely let you sexy! 3, national cool wind and a broken beautiful condole belt unlined upper garment, a bull-puncher knickers leisure personality, with a pair of fashionable frog mirror and a pair of bright big eardrop, national cool wind along with the gender is natural, comfortable and beautiful. 4 small professional this black and white, cool and refreshing contracted and not simple, fashionable and sexy, deserve to go up a pair of oversized sunglasses, immediately temperament multiplication, the goddess image show incisively and vividly! Both can show your figure curve and can be used as a decent business attire, whether it's normal work or see the customer is a perfect choice. A hot dog days, can't let the hot and dry weather lowered my taste oh, choose a suitable for their own fashion sunglasses, build a set of their own style, mei-mei dalai spend the hot summer months. Pictures from the network, if you want to delete please contact kaity @ yichao. Cn
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