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The driver what to wear sunglasses?

by:Eugenia     2020-09-03
Sunglasses are popular products in summer, go out a lot of people like to wear a pair of, not only can achieve the function of protecting our eyes, can also play the role of fashion decoration, in particular, some requirements for eye friends will higher requirement for choosing sunglasses on is higher, is a kind of like a driver, they in order to guarantee the safety of driving, so take special attention when choosing sunglasses, so the driver friends should wear what kind of sunglasses? Driver friends why demand for sunglasses is higher, because we has reflected light stimulate an eye on the road, especially the pavement of snow or after a storm comes, reflective will become more serious, the reflective sunglasses commonly is cut off, so to choose special sunglasses - — Polarized sunglasses! Sunglasses are usually divided into two kinds of polarized sunglasses and ordinary sunglasses, ordinary sunglasses can block ultraviolet light, the other light only function abate, unable to completely block the harmful rays. And polarized lenses can be completely cut off because of scattering, inflectional, reflection caused by various factors such as dazzling glare, and at the same time for the human eye can be harmful ultraviolet light is completely cut off, make the person is in long-term activities under strong light, the eye is not easy to tired, on the vision also more clear and stereoscopic, achieve real protection function. So polarized sunglasses is the better choice of driver friend! Polarized sunglasses not only of good quality, design also is very good-looking, the market of a few big brands have launched polarized sunglasses, ray-ban, tyrannosaurus rex, SAN bao, li meng, wild, etc. , but also for myopia friend introduced a myopia polaroid, drivers myopia can be worn with a polariscope clip of myopia glasses frame, generally divided into two layers: myopic lens and dark polarized lens, also have three layers of the lens design, namely on the basis of the two layers of add a polarizer, light color is more suitable for driving at night friend. If the driver friend when driving a car without wearing polarizer, slightly long will feel dazzling eyes, fatigue. But also will affect the judgment of things and dangerous, and eyes if the stimulation of long-term exposure to ultraviolet light, also to cause a decline in vision, the formation of myopia, hyperopia, astigmatism or cataract, etc. So, for health and safety, the driver friend suggested wear polarized sunglasses.
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