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The elderly need more actually wearing sunglasses

by:Eugenia     2020-07-26
Wear sunglasses in the summer of a lot of old people, it seems, is chasing the young fashion. But, in fact, prevent bask in summer for the old man is just as important, which can effectively prevent the happening of the certain eye lesions. Ray-ban RB4242 unisex eyeglass frame 6201/13 brown excessive ultraviolet ray direct eyes, summer can cause corneal edema, symptoms such as tears, pain, and thereby affect vision. According to foreign authoritative ophthalmology magazine, for a long time in the sun exposure can cause early 'amd', which is one of the main factor causing the elderly decreased vision. And for patients with cataract, keratitis and conjunctivitis, retinal detachment, such as eye disease patients, wearing sunglasses can promote the recovery of disease, bring enough in sorching summer cool and refreshing and protection. Good old people when choosing sunglasses, choose the lens to block uv, must scrutinize logo, price is not the spirit can provide stronger protection. The old man can choose different sunglasses in different occasions. When fishing for example should choose the polarizer, can eliminate the glare from all directions, make a view more clear. Outside the old man to climb a mountain, you can choose gray, dark brown sunglasses, good uv protection function. Ray-ban sunglasses RB8056 men 175/6 q tortoise-shell sunglasses there are some matters needing attention. Or crossing the street to the shadow, to remove the sunglasses in a timely manner, because from the light to the dark, or to the people car concentration, eyes have a adapt to the process, easy to cause the person can't see, at this time should be timely remove sunglasses, safer. Wear sunglasses shoulds not be too long, every one or two hours suggest take a break, gently massage eye week, otherwise easy to symptoms such as headache, be agitated, blurry vision, even lead to decreased vision. Crystal aging, the old man can't wearing sunglasses for a long time, otherwise it will cause the iris root accumulation, cause aqueous outflow obstruction, increased intraocular pressure. In addition, glaucoma, retinitis, color blindness, night blindness, the old man is not suitable for wearing sunglasses. Above is the small make up finishing editing sunglasses factory, more knowledge glasses to sunglasses factory glasses net please look at it. Website: https://www. yichao。 Cn/additional glasses sunglasses factory network has a variety of glass lens to choose from, oh, quality and cheap!
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