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The electronic market drives the rapid development of mobile phone plastic protective film---acrylic silver lens

by:Eugenia     2022-01-02
With the rapid development of mobile phones and other digital electronic products, China’s mobile phone plastic protective film industry has also developed rapidly. The overall functions in the field of screen protective films can be said to be various. The materials have also developed from the earliest PP plastic to the most popular AR material. Protective film.     At present, the market mainly includes AR anti-reflective film, AG matte anti-reflective film, mobile phone mirror film, privacy film, high-definition anti-scratch film and other functional protective films.   The AR material is a synthetic material, generally divided into three layers, silica gel is the adsorption layer, PET plastic is the middle layer, and the outer layer is the special treatment layer. The special treatment layer is generally divided into two types, the AG treatment layer and the HC treatment layer. AG is anti-glare treatment, and the frosted protective film adopts this treatment method. HC is the hardness treatment, which is the treatment method used for high light-transmitting protective film.  The screen does not reflect light, and the light transmittance is high (above 95%), which will not affect the display effect of the screen. Moreover, the surface of the material is treated with a special process, and its texture is soft, and it has strong anti-friction and anti-scratch ability. It will not be scratched after long-term use. The adhesive is made of chemical silica gel adsorbed on the mobile phone screen, so it will not The screen itself causes damage and will not leave a mark after being torn off. It can also be reused after cleaning.  The scale of China’s smartphone market has continued to grow rapidly in recent years, far exceeding the industry’s average single-digit growth. This is inseparable from China’s huge population base, fast-developing electronic supporting industrial chain, communication base stations and other infrastructure. With the rapid development of 5G and the electronics market, it will also drive the rapid growth of the mobile phone plastic protective film market. Acrylic silver lens
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