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The European Parliament passes the ban on plastics and bans disposable plastic products after 2021-acrylic lens manufacturers

by:Eugenia     2022-01-04
The European Parliament voted on the 24th to approve the ban on the use of disposable plastic products from 2021 in order to curb the increasing pollution of the ocean and the ecological environment by plastic waste. Disposable plastic products such as plastic tableware, thin plastic bags, plastic cotton swabs, straws, etc. can be seen everywhere in life. With people’s pursuit of a convenient lifestyle and the development of tourism, the use of disposable plastic products has become more and more common. Pollution to the environment and the ocean is also increasing. According to statistics from the European Union, plastic waste accounts for 85% of all waste, and about half of them are disposable products. Only less than one-third of plastic waste is collected and reused, and most of the rest is left in the garbage dump or the environment. Plastics decompose very slowly, especially the waste that accumulates in the ocean and beaches, which is very harmful to birds, fish and other marine animals. The plastic residues eaten by animals are fed back through the food chain and return to people's dining tables, causing harm to human health.   In response to the dangers of plastic waste to the world, the European Commission submitted a proposal on the control of plastic waste in May, hoping to ban the use of disposable plastic products such as disposable tableware. According to the latest proposal approved by the European Parliament, from 2021, the EU will ban the production and sale of disposable tableware, cotton swabs, straws and other disposable plastic products. These products will be replaced by paper, straw or reusable hard plastics. Plastic bottles will be collected separately according to the existing recycling model; by 2025, the recycling rate of single-use plastic bottles in member states is required to reach 90%. Keywords: Acrylic lens manufacturer
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