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The fashion glasses has become a mainstream consumer

by:Eugenia     2020-08-10
Young students in China in recent years the incidence of myopia remains high, and there are rising gradually and the tendency of onset age, drawn attention of the parents and the society. With the progress of science and technology, intelligent zoom (now Progressive multiple focus) Glasses have been introduced in our country, smart zoom lenses is high-tech in the lens and bold innovation and application of the technology and optical technology, it makes more juvenile myopia prevention and control of a new choice. Smart zoom lenses the difference compared with the traditional single lens slices, application scope? Reporters surveyed the relevant information.
from the early simple glass optical device used to improve eyesight to Benjamin & # 183; Franklin's distance depending on amphibious glasses, and then to today in treatment, beauty, decoration for the integration of fashion glasses, glasses have been from the beginning of vision correction tools now become indispensable fashion ornaments. Scan each big brand glasses style, rich too dazzling, material qualitative, colour and modelling is protean. Today, we have to admit - — Glasses is not just a tool to let us see the world clearly, but a bright symbol of fashion. Beautify the fashion life

glasses glasses are not Chinese invention, belong to the real import. According to research, at the beginning of the glasses is invented by Italy Pisa a glass workers, time in 1286. It is interesting to note that the early glasses are reading glasses, namely hyperopia using convex lens, until the middle of the 16th century, only myopia in the concave mirror.
after the changing of The Times, now glasses are no longer simply the world see better functional products, but became to express emotion and reflect the identity of the fashion products, for people's life to add color to add color. As a large number of trendy dress has a particular face decoration, that's glasses. Glasses to beautify its image this functionality in these trendy face stand out, more and more people begin to associate glasses and the collocation of clothing, glasses came into the field of fashion.
many people watching a movie or a business meeting, change into ordinary colorless myopia glasses, is wearing prescription sunglasses when driving, in addition, the bag will have a spare glasses prevent glasses broken or missing. Wear glasses become more and more exquisite, updated design, fashionable modelling, glasses on her face changing our & # 8220; Fashion & # 8221; Style. Some are popular way of life, such as driving, sports, outing, etc are also associated with glasses, become people to pull breeze or cool fashion items. In the trend of fashion, glasses as show character charm of the classic signs, keep pace with fashion consumer goods such as clothing, watches. Both stars and ordinary people, through the glasses themselves dressed up more beautiful, more cool, has become indispensable to fashionable gens choice.
material change following the fashion trends at the beginning of
because the glasses is not the necessities of life, but need special precious materials production, so the glasses price is surprisingly high. Glass frame is made of tortoise shell; Lenses are with precious stones polished, average people will glasses as extremely valuable item, show the wearer won and dignity. Ordinary people can't afford such a high price, it hinders the popularity of glasses.
over nearly a century, the invention of the television, computer and electronic books to use frequency is higher and higher, with eyes, make people wear myopia glasses has become popular in the world nearly a century of events, and thus make the heyday of the development of the glasses industry. With the development of technology, the material of glass frame is becoming more and more rich, gradually has developed from a plastic frame, metal frame to alloy frame, titanium frame and even gold frame and his rimless glasses, contact lenses, even the sea mani, silica gel and other rare material also applies on the glasses. Color also has developed from a single black and white into colourful color, lens also has developed from a single pear-shaped to round, square or polygon. Once bare glasses legs can now be inlaid jewelry, diamond. Frames in the breakthrough of technology and material, make the glasses have a longer life expectancy, price also gradually in line with the purchasing power of ordinary people.

glasses for fashion and technology development process set each other off becomes an interest
in recent years, in a variety of fashionable glasses to attract people's eyes, a French gradually focus more technology was introduced to our country in the field of glasses.
expert introduction, smart zoom ( Progressive multiple focus) Glasses is the embodiment of the scientific and technological progress, is the high science and technology in the lens and a bold use of optical technology. It is understood that the current domestic use this technology, there are few mature products manufacturers. According to its adoption of a famous glasses brand website, intelligent zoom ( Progressive multiple focus) Glasses and common glasses big difference is that: ordinary myopia glasses are single focal lens, because the person's eye zoom to see far or near, the ciliary muscle is busy, need to constantly adjust tension; And smart zoom lens automatically zoom lens design, make the ciliary muscle & # 8220; Lazy & # 8221; , always in a state of relaxation. The function and good shape of fashion is popular among the consumers especially the students. It is understood that although the price of this glasses is about three times of ordinary myopic lens, most users still feel content is worth somewhat.
in both technical innovation on modelling changeable, glasses from meet the basic needs of consumers of goods, to be increasingly fashionable breath impregnation, granting the wearer in a variety of glasses of different temperament and verve, at the same time, more reflect the wearer's extraordinary life taste, show a unique personality.
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