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The first women's patrol sunglasses uniform appearance of west lake visitors say very vain

by:Eugenia     2020-07-15
All the equipment, the pace of neat, sunglasses, dress like popular Korean dramas 'descendants of the sun', as zhejiang hangzhou west lake scenic area of administrative law enforcement bureau the G20 woman patrol debut at the west lake, the onlookers like tidal waves. Use the word 'amazing' to describe this team near the west lake today, a little too much. On April 30, is not only '51' little long vacation first day, is the west lake scenic area of administrative law enforcement bureau G20 women's debut of the patrol, the patrol was the first woman patrol on the west lake scenic area management. 'Hangzhou west lake of the broken bridge, the G20 woman small patrol captain Huang Fangyue for assigned patrol team members. Into uniform was dashing, match a pair of classic frog mirror again, is really handsome heroine! Tourists have also comment 'west lake a scenery line! ', 'very vain! ', 'urban management should have such a good image! With women's patrol patrol in the west lake, is the photo of the onlookers tourists and praise. West lake scenic area, women's, director of the administrative law enforcement bureau the G20 security office patrol captain Dan zhao, the patrol a total of 21 women players, most of the bachelor degree, with an average age of 24 years, and average height of 168 cm. Compared with the appearance of beautiful, the west lake scenic area of administrative law enforcement bureau to form the team consists of intention is hope to make a 'service', 'sweet'. Zizi, women's patrol duty clear, mainly divides into four parts, namely on the west lake scenic area management order, provide consulting service for tourists and help, to persuade uncivilized behavior, cooperate with treatment of emergencies, etc. Patrol for the first time that day, 'wen' and 'wu' have both women patrol is to the actual service and caring action realizes the civilization of the west lake scenic area. 'Before, when it comes to urban management, people tend to think of first is' violence law enforcement, attitude of law enforcement image, in fact, the civilized law enforcement has been the administrative law enforcement bureau advocate the west lake scenic spot, and we hope that through this team brought civilization law enforcement image to tourists all over the country. Recommend 'with sunglasses, ray-ban RB3025 gold box blackish green piece of 001/58 polarization fashion metal big yards sunglasses pictures from Internet, if you want to delete please contact kaity @ yichao. Cn
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