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The five sun let you summer fashionable and stylish

by:Eugenia     2020-08-03
How much joy to another year summer, much sorrow. Thin body results in winter could test, friends and want to start a new round of sunscreen big fight. Don't blame small make up didn't warn you: oh ~ sorching summer the most worth you buy sunscreen item must be sunglasses, look at the following 5 sunglasses, let you summer fashionable and stylish. Conjoined sunglasses: if ambition, I'm afraid I can not sunglasses and conjoined sunglasses match! Look at Kendall Jenner wearing sunglasses Celine connected, dressed in suits, aura fully open! Kendall in a gray Tee naked pink collocation, match again a pair of conjoined black sunglasses will be sweet and handsome just right. Aviator sunglasses: is a timeless classic aviator sunglasses sunglasses, whether men or women dress up yourself with it, definitely not alternative! Kendall and Gigi's sunglasses + balls of extraordinary vigor, help you easily to reduce age ten. Especially Kendall, it is simply a sunglasses queen, wearing a black box aviator sunglasses kink shape, aura speaking with you. Kendall, wearing a long black coat, white Sneaker collocation, overall modelling beautiful leg is a bright spot, sunglasses is the best line. Same recommendation: ray-ban RB3025 unisex sunglass 001/58 sunglasses: the box mold, mildew of golden hair + up dark brown square sunglasses, all in a beautiful rose in the frame. Not only the goddess of love it, male is not exceptional also, god jingboran, dressed in a black panther printing T-shirt, indigo blue the mass-tone attune of the cooling lively, animals and flowers vine and restoring ancient ways of printing grain eyes, in combination with a pair of sunglasses, the box is contracted fashion charming. In same recommendation: ray-ban RB4225 646/55 men sunglasses transparent circle frame sunglasses: li chao is wearing a dark blue woolen cloth coat and holding a black skull straight umbrella, appear mature and steady, but wears a pair of round sunglasses style mutation, appear very humor, funny, and sometimes a big boy's naughty expression. Kendall in basic Tee is tie-in white jeans seems cannot again simple collocation, can also be because of a pair of sunglasses fashionable extraordinary! Ray-ban sunglasses recommend that RB4222 865/13 men sunglasses hawksbill/lens tea reflective sunglasses: don't worry about wu blue coat foil below, appear more white and clear skin, send out a noble elegant temperament, wear cool reflective sunglasses again, instantly became the most bright eye color across the street. Feier li wearing a sun hat and cool mirror, and sometimes is nifty and lovely, style restoring ancient ways, like a live wave lovely girl next door, to bring a fresh natural feeling.
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