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The four kinds of unqualified sunglasses can't wear

by:Eugenia     2020-07-25
Fashion, beautiful, radiation protection, the function of sunglasses let more people like wearing sunglasses. However, small make up remind everybody, choose sunglasses can not only focus on the style, but ignore the sunglasses itself quality problem. The following four unqualified sunglasses don't wear. The first socket, uv protection function of sunglasses. Good the sun glasses, can stop more than 99% of the ultraviolet ray, and identify UV400 lenses are 100% ( 99. 99%) Block ultraviolet light. Cheap eyeglasses due to its poor uv protection function does not have, even that makes the remnants of ultraviolet amplifying intake among pupils, different degrees of damage to the eyes. Second, the transmittance unqualified sunglasses. Transmittance of qualified glasses, can clearly identify the color. And inferior glasses will produce traffic signals to identify obstacles, easy to cause traffic accidents. The third category id, not the labeling of sunglasses. Sunglasses generally divided into three classes, namely for sunshade shade mirror, used for decoration light mirror and used in special mirror snow goggles or waterproof surface radiation. Fourth, the fight against performance does not meet the requirements of sunglasses. Lenses easily broken when impacted by external force, debris could become a fatal injury to the person's eyes. Picture frame material is very important also, general with plates, aluminium magnesium alloy, pure titanium.
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