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The functions of the polarized sunglasses

by:Eugenia     2020-08-03
Polarized sunglasses is a kind of sunglasses, is derived with the demand of people is a kind of special sunglasses, its special treatment on the lens makes it more expensive than the ordinary sunglasses, and now some of the 'dirty' sellers will sell as ordinary sunglasses polarized sunglasses, consumers could not distinguish, this article will introduce some polarizing sunglasses for consumers to identify the knowledge and it skills. Recommended reading: sunglasses and polarizer to understand while see the difference between a polarized sunglasses function is the most important function of polarized sunglasses on 'polarized'. In our daily life, in addition to direct light, the light through a bumpy road, water and other place also can produce irregular diffuse light, namely the glare. The presence of glare will make human eye discomfort and fatigue, and influence the resolution of the object, bring a lot of trouble to people's life and travel, especially the drivers, but also influenced by its. And polarized sunglasses can glare, scattering light and refracted light effective filtering and absorbs the reflection of the object itself, only to show real can see objects. So, polarized sunglasses can improve people's vision, reduce eye fatigue, so as to raise eye, eye. In addition, polarized sunglasses because of its high efficiency filter layer, the uv blocking rate can reach 99%, let the eyes from ultraviolet enroach on and play the role of eye candy, eye. What time is suitable for wear polarized sunglasses? Usually go out shopping for a walk, a pair of ordinary sunglasses have more than enough, you can hold all the dazzling sunshine, so there is no need to buy what polarized sunglasses. So, polarized sunglasses suit what time? Polarized lenses polarization Angle and radian through professional design and processing, the wearer won't feel scenery distortion and vertigo, the most suitable for fishing, driving, sports, sailing, skiing, hunting, etc. In the summer, the DiaoYou like polarized glasses. Why is that? The reason is very simple, the effect of filtering polarized sunglasses with polarized light, wear it to go fishing, watching more easily and not tired eyes, if the lens is dark color, Such as brown, green, grey, etc. ) For summer wear, feel more comfortable. Polarized lens is the world's most recognized for driving the lens. When light from an object's surface reflection has been polarization and produce some glare, make the object contour become blurred, eye fatigue, discomfort. Polaroid effectively eliminate the special function of the computer, light filtering clutter, the driver improved vision, add a fun ride. Hobby friend of outdoor leisure travel a lot for polarized lens, polarizer to arrange the crystal structure of a kind of balance, the equilibrium structure only conceded crystal light through, to other Angle vibration waves are blocked, thus enhanced contrast, reflective, enhance the effect of landscape color, reduce atmospheric fog phenomenon, let you see the world clearly, also you a colorful world, more blue sky, more beautiful nature.
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