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The glasses in the men, women help in fashion

by:Eugenia     2020-08-14
New FHM scarf and glasses, the actors and actresses wear scarf, glasses, multifarious, see if you can be a chi-chi, imitation of the chi-chi, maybe this winter can join the men fashion series. It is worth mentioning that the actor sun hong2 lei2 probably changed in 18 to 22 pairs of glasses, sun hong2 lei2 is claimed to take big harvest is learned many kinds of wearing scarves. Finish see men, learned my scarf with 2012 frames mix of fashion and trendy, grasp the rascal and what's the difference between a yuppie big? Justifiably is the gas. What can make you look the fast have elegant artistic breath? Of course is the scarf and glasses. Glasses for when we were in the way of looking at life through the one thing, it can make people calmly; Bastion of scarf can make you feel a sense of security at any time. As the sun hong2 lei2 play the words will be 'if removed these barriers, can our life will be better. 'And in fact, after the plot, more people put a gap in the body, perhaps because with these barriers, we itself will become more beautiful, the charm of shape.
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