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The goddess to teach you how to use sunglasses add cent for sex appeal

by:Eugenia     2020-08-02
Summer arrived, and not only walking in the street can see many people wear sunglasses, stars also loved when taken with sunglasses as a decorative, especially female stars. In recent several goddess with the different styles of sunglasses for decoration, although the dark glasses frame is different, but they are all reflective sunglasses, and give the sexy add cent many oh! Gehrke in weibo drying out a set of swimsuit photo, blue pool of her swimsuit mirror type with cool and refreshing, sweet smile all show is nifty and lovely, its concave and convex have send good figure is extremely suction eye highlighted. Splashy reflective big sunglasses also attracted many eyeballs, full of the flavor of the summer blue framework, silver mirror, very bright eye. South Korean actress Shirley interpretation between girls and women of the youthful vitality and mature charm, changeful fashion sexy style, all the more charming. This shot her to CECI illustrated also wore sunglasses, vibrant pink is perfect for her. A jiang yan elegant bare midriffs heating pants, tie-in marbled frame sunglasses, youth, sunshine, full of vitality. Reflective sunglasses recommendation: sunglasses factory YC3026 dazzle colour sunglasses sunglasses for both men and women factory YC3027 dazzle colour sunglasses for both men and women
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