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The GUCCI GUCCI bamboo sunglasses perfect show luxurious atmosphere

by:Eugenia     2020-08-04
Gucci Gucci bamboo sunglasses takes on a brand new unique interpretation to fiorentina studio classic design: the deep historical inheritance and superior craftsmanship is clever confluence, perfect show the modern luxury of Gucci. Bamboo sunglasses have attractive enough to let you take it, many big star cafe devotion to it. Gucci GG4276 / S unisex sunglass hawksbill gold J5GCC the unique sunglasses released in spring and summer of 2013, for the coming season offers a variety of versions. Products using natural bamboo details, and laser Gucci logo on the lenses, make the glasses more unique classic. GUCCI GUCCI bamboo sunglasses worth you own reasons: 1, build perfect stereo effect every pair of sunglasses offer the unique technology of professional craftsmen. Artisans initial stage, hand-painted design drawings, the simplest glasses and stereoscopic effect, surface effect can be converted to the percentage and numerical after precise calculation and adjustment, eventually achieve perfect geometric shape. 2, meticulous process details before the production process will start with the picture frame glasses circle and its leg starts to make, through bending, welding and manual polishing metal outline, eventually form the required framework model. Lens manufacturing also covers a variety of fine craft, from shape to etch Gucci brand identity, shows extraordinary skilled. Ms gucci GG3685 / F/S sunglasses gradient black 3, the bamboo house of the high were selected as the fiorentina craftsman since 1947 using the unique history of the material, the bamboo processing is the key to realize the special glasses. Selected the bamboo products are for the size of selected results: only minimal size of bamboo can be inserted in the glasses. 4, extreme attention to every detail, the most careful handling, best explain the tradition of house of Florence always adhere to the excelsior. Skilled bending process ensures that the glasses frame of perfection, and in the process of heating, artisans artificial care to ensure that each root bamboo water has been removed, at the same time give bamboo unique downy and tonal. In order to protect the bamboo from climate impacts, every root bamboo waxing, make its have longer service life.
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