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The harm of contact lenses to pregnant women_contact lenses_

by:Eugenia     2022-01-17
Pregnant women have a lot of contraindications because their bodies will undergo certain changes during pregnancy, and for the protection of the fetus, there are also many drugs that cannot be used by pregnant women. Although contact lenses are not drugs, they can also affect pregnant women. Let's take a look at the harm of contact lenses to pregnant women. During pregnancy, the secretion of pregnant women will change in the body. An obvious change is corneal edema, and because the thickness of the center of the cornea becomes thicker, and wearing contact lenses, to a certain extent, the respiration of the cornea is reduced and aggravated. Due to the lack of oxygen in the cornea, the eyes will feel very uncomfortable because of the lack of oxygen, and the sensitivity of the eyes will also decrease, which is prone to corneal abrasion. The harm of contact lenses to pregnant women, if pregnant, will also affect the secretion of tears, most pregnant women will reduce the secretion of tears, and because of the influence of hormones during pregnancy, it will also lead to the reduction of conjunctival goblet cells, resulting in reduced mucus layer secretion, Therefore, the uniform distribution of the tear film will be affected, and the mucus in the tears will increase. If you wear contact lenses, you will obviously feel a foreign body sensation in your eyes, and you will also feel dry eyes, and contact lenses wear your eyes. It feels very uncomfortable. During pregnancy, conjunctival arterioles contracture, which in turn affects blood flow, and is prone to conjunctivitis. If you wear contact lenses, the risk of conjunctivitis is aggravated. Eyelid edema is very common during pregnancy. Some eyelid edema will affect the eyelid inflammation, break the balance of the oil layer, and promote the rapid evaporation of the water layer in the tear film, so the amount of tear film is reduced and the quality is unstable. It is easy to cause dry eyes. If you wear contact lenses, dry eyes will be more obvious, and it is easy to cause related eye diseases. The curvature of the cornea also changes during pregnancy. Some pregnant women are not suitable for wearing the previous contact lenses. Unsuitable contact lenses will only cause damage to the eyes. During pregnancy, due to the drop in intraocular pressure and changes in the visual field, other discomforts will also occur. If you wear contact lenses, the discomfort will only be aggravated, and some discomfort will be affected to some extent. to the fetus. And if the cornea is inflamed due to wearing contact lenses, some antibiotics used can also affect the fetus.
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