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The harm of wearing contact lenses to the cornea_Contact lenses_

by:Eugenia     2022-01-28
Everyone knows that wearing contact lenses is harmful to the eyes, especially if the glasses are not cleaned properly, it is easy to infect the eyes with bacteria, leading to the occurrence of related ophthalmic diseases. Therefore, contact lenses are very important for hygienic cleaning. Moreover, the occasions for wearing contact lenses also need to be exquisite. Let's take a look at the hazards of wearing contact lenses to the cornea. Wearing contact lenses will wear the eyeballs, which is mainly manifested in people with myopia. The eyeballs of myopic people will be a little more prominent if they want to compare with normal people. If they wear contact lenses for a long time, they will wear down the cornea. If the contact lens wears the cornea for a long time, it may cause serious consequences of corneal epithelial shedding or perforation. And because the concave degree of some contact lenses is not very consistent with the convexity of the cornea, irregular wear of the cornea may occur, causing corneal ulcers and loss of vision. Wearing contact lenses can easily cause keratitis. It is more common that the lenses are not clean. Wearing is not carried out in accordance with the regular operation, and some bad eye habits can easily cause corneal inflammation. Chronic conjunctivitis, allergic conjunctivitis, dry eye, etc. are common diseases when wearing contact lenses. Wearing contact lenses for too long will cause hypoxia in the cornea, because contact lenses are made of polymer materials and are directly attached to the cornea when worn, resulting in the cornea’s absorption of nutrients from the air It becomes worse. If it is worn for a long time, it will cause hypoxia in the cornea and unable to carry out normal metabolism. Damage to the health of the cornea, and at the same time the resistance of the eyes will also decrease. If it is hypoxia for a long time, the cornea will become thin and corneal endothelial cells will be greatly reduced. After the water invades, it is very easy to cause corneal edema, and the cornea is also prone to disease. Moreover, wearing contact lenses for a long time will paralyze the nerve endings, leading to decreased corneal sensation. Wearing contact lenses is also very harmful to the cornea. When you wear them, you must perform regular operations, and don't wear them often. You can change them with frame glasses.
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