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The hazards of contact lens fading_Contact Lens_

by:Eugenia     2022-01-15
Contact lenses can not only correct vision, but also beautify the eyes, wearing contact lenses, the eyes will naturally increase. Colored contact lenses can also change the color of the eyes, allowing many MMs to match them at will. And some MM may not know that color contact lenses will also have the problem of fading. Let's take a look at the dangers of contact lens fading. The discoloration of contact lenses is mainly because the lenses are unqualified, and the color is directly painted on the contact lenses. The lenses are very easy to discolor, and the dyeing components are directly in contact with the cornea and conjunctiva. The color of the contact lenses is very different. It is easy to enter the eyes, it is easy to cause discomfort to the eyes, and the cornea is also susceptible to infection, causing damage to the eyes, and some can cause cancer. Contact lenses will fade. If you wear this kind of contact lenses that are easy to fade for a long time, because the pigment layer on the lens is directly exposed on the surface of the lens, the pigment will aggravate the irritation to the cornea and conjunctiva, causing related ophthalmic diseases, and In some serious cases, it can also lead to pigmentation. Inferior and unqualified lenses adopt this direct coloring method, which can easily reduce the oxygen permeability of the lenses, and because the cornea needs to provide oxygen through air, therefore, due to the decrease in oxygen permeability, The cornea is also more prone to hypoxia, which is more prone to keratitis, corneal ulcers and so on. Discoloration of contact lenses and the precipitation of colored substances in the lenses can also cause damage to the eyes. At present, the sandwich technology is relatively safe. Because the dyed sheet is wrapped in the middle to avoid direct contact with the cornea, the lens will also fade, so it is still safe.
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