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The hazards of wearing colored contact lenses?_contact lenses_

by:Eugenia     2022-01-28
Color contact lenses are not only diverse in colors, but also beautiful in patterns of various colors. They are suitable for those who are not near-sighted or those who have myopia. Therefore, it is also greatly liked by MM, and different colored contact lenses are suitable for different dresses and occasions. Although colored contact lenses have unique advantages, it is undeniable that the harm of wearing colored contact lenses also exists. Let's take a look at the hazards of wearing colored contact lenses. Wearing contact lenses is harmful to the cornea, and there are also colored contact lenses. Compared with colorless contact lenses, colored contact lenses have lower oxygen permeability and are more likely to cause eye infections. This is because colored contact lenses are plated with colors, and these colors will block the vents of the lens, and therefore reduce the oxygen permeability of the colored contact lenses, and the cornea is also prone to hypoxia. If the cornea is hypoxia, the cornea is susceptible to infection. Corneal hypoxia can cause corneal epithelial cells to be edema and easily peeled off, and it can also cause mechanical damage to the corneal epithelium. The eyes will feel very uncomfortable, red eyes, tears, and photophobia will appear. Because of wearing colored glasses, the nutrition and metabolism required by the cells of the eye cannot be carried out well, and the waste generated by the metabolism cannot be eliminated in time. It will only produce toxic effects when staying in the body, and the corneal endothelial cells will be damaged. . Wearing colored contact lenses can also affect night vision. The periphery of the color contact lens lens is colored, and the diameter of the hole in the middle is fixed, and the pupil of the human eye adjusts and changes with the intensity of the light. At night, due to the weak light, the pupil It will enlarge naturally, but because the periphery of the colored contact lens is plated with color, even if the pupil is enlarged, it will be obstructed to a certain extent, which will affect night vision. The technology of colored contact lenses is very important. If the technique fails, the color of the cosmetic contact lenses will fade, and the color will enter the eyes and cause damage to the eyes.
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