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The hazards of wearing contact lenses_contact lenses_

by:Eugenia     2022-01-16
Although after wearing contact lenses, the eyes can see things very clearly, and there is no pressure and restraint of frame glasses, and the comfort of wearing is very popular with everyone. But many people are aware of the hazards of contact lenses, and the wearing of contact lenses is also very important. The introduction of bacteria can easily cause eye infections. So, what are the hazards of wearing contact lenses backwards? Let’s learn together. Just a moment. It is well known that contact lenses can correct vision, and if the degrees of the left and right eyes are different, if the contact lenses are worn backwards, it is generally unclear and blurred vision. But if the difference is not big, there is no obvious feeling when wearing it, and if it goes on for a long time, the vision will also decline. Therefore, it must be distinguished when wearing. If the contact lens is worn backwards, the lens cannot be well attached to the cornea, which will cause the lens to slip off, and the eyes will have a very obvious foreign body sensation, which is very uncomfortable to wear and affects the health of the eyes. If the contact lens is worn backwards, it will also cause damage to the cornea, wear the cornea, the eyes will tear, the eyes will be red, and the eyes will be easily infected. If the corneal wear is severe, it will cause corneal ulcers. The different degrees of the left and right eyes, if worn reversely, will cause eye adjustment fatigue, deepening of myopia, and it will also easily lead to lens hygiene and cross infection. Some people have sensitive eyes, and wearing them backwards will make that sensitive eye more susceptible to infection.
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