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The inferior sunglasses do not prevent UV damage eyesight

by:Eugenia     2020-08-14
Although the summer has yet to come, the hawkers stalls in different sunglasses quite a lot about it. Although various styles of sunglasses looks very fashionable, but can only prevent light not uv protection. Dai Jiu inferior sunglasses also can cause dizziness, damage eyesight problems. The expert reminds, wearing sunglasses to conform to the requirements of the optical, consider its decorative and fashion.
recently, miss wang from the Internet to buy a pair of very fashionable pink lens sunglasses, just wear a few days, feel the eyes. Three to five days later, her eye discomfort more obvious, also appear the symptom such as dizziness, tears, eyes don't open the & # 8230; …
medical ophthalmology, experts say, wear sunglasses in summer mainly keep out ultraviolet ray, the inferior sunglasses not only can't effectively keep out ultraviolet ray, also may make more ultraviolet light eyes, increase the burden of the eyes.
after the summer, all sorts of all kinds of sunglasses on the street hawkers prices ranging from a few yuan to one hundred yuan. In addition, there are some monopoly sunglasses online store, or fake designer sunglasses, the shape and the real, but the price much cheaper. When asked about the details of the glasses, the network seller said sunglasses uv and prevent light two kinds, but the light of a lot cheaper.
eye eye otolaryngology hospital of fudan university, deputy director of the corneal group member, Chinese academy of ophthalmology and optometry professor group members go tao said, our country every year about 450000 new blind patients, 1. 35 million patients with low vision, visual impairment has become an important public health problem in our country. According to the world health organization released data show that as of December 2009, about 18 million people worldwide due to cataract blindness, of which about 900000 May have been caused by ultraviolet radiation.
Dr Ophthalmology optometry Chen Zhi analysis of fudan university said, with a pair of good glasses, not only conforms to the face, but also conform to the requirements of the optical. Ultraviolet (uv) is a kind of invisible light, signs of damage and no obvious to the eyes. But uv damage to the eyes is cumulative, unable to recover. The expert reminds, in daily life should take some appropriate measures, like BianSeJing can be adjusted according to the intensity of ultraviolet (uv) to the lens depth, reduce glare, protect your eyes in different light conditions have healthy vision.
in addition, the residents there are necessary to accept a routine eye examination every six months.
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