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The lens material of the sun

by:Eugenia     2020-08-03
The weather is getting hot, the temperature is becoming more and more high. If can only choose a single product promotion in the summer your aura, the absolute is the sunglasses. But choosing sunglasses not only look at style, mainly to see quality of sunglasses lens. The lens was mainly affected by two aspects: the quality of the material and membrane layer. Today we look at the lens material difference. 1, glass glass polaroid, whether transmittance, purity, contrast, or after the coating treatment is the best choice, and not easy to be scratched; So can not replace the optical glass still exist. But at the same time, also has the following three questions: 1) Security issues, fragile; 2) Weight, overweight, wearing comfort sell at a discount greatly; 3) Health problems, long wear, nose afflictive, before after heavy weight. 2, CR39 ordinary resin lens materials, widely used in optical lens, such as myopia glasses. But also can do the sun glasses, just be polarized, dyeing, coating, the coating is not stable. Ms sunglasses factory YC9702 sunglasses black/C3 lens dazzle colour blue 3, the TAC polarized lens, the most common polarized lens. Tens to hundreds of yuan sunglasses, are commonly used this kind of lens. Disadvantages: easy deformation, scratches, optical performance is poor; In impact, easy to fracture. 4, PC similar to TAC, ranging from dozens to hundreds of, but usually don't do polarized light, because of the high cost. PC impact resistance is very strong, bullet-proof glass can be made up. Light transmittance, good PC is the mainstream of protective glasses lens now. Some luxury brands also use PC lens. But the disadvantage of PC is as CR39 and glass, optical performance and surface and CR39 don't scratch. But did add hard coating PC lens, is still a good sunglasses. Sunglasses factory YC9708 general sunglasses C7 black box silver leg/lens ash 5, PC polaroid PC lens derivative, is the polarization diaphragm and UV diaphragm hot glue a lens technology. This kind of lens of block strength is lower than the PC, but higher than traditional polaroid. , nylon, nylon 6 lenses have close physical strength and optical properties of CR39 of PC, and light weight, and can be polarized light, is ideal material of sunglasses. 7, the NXT originally apache fighter of bulletproof glass, Oakley, used to make lenses, polarized and cut off UV, bulletproof. Understanding through the lens material, it is easy to distinguish, the most suitable sunglasses is qualitative, indisputably nylon, followed by PC. But is also a PC, there is also a high pervious to light and the common points, this is cheap SanWuKuai PC with dozens or even hundreds of PC sheet. If you still struggle when it comes to choosing sunglasses, might as well pay more attention to focus on sunglasses glasses factory network, many doubts you can find the answer here!
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