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The ling and Cecilia cheung sunglasses big PK

by:Eugenia     2020-07-17
Women want to be in the entertainment circle and falling, in addition to rely on their own strength, beauty and fashion is essential prerequisite. Hybrids, by contrast, is a combination of different countries amorous feelings and temperament, often is particularly outstanding, the ling and Cecilia cheung is mixed, is the darling of the fashion, the milan fashion week are two sunglasses beautiful outfit to attend, who look more attractive, better? Sino-British half-blood Cecilia cheung was delicate lightsome, personality is a woman. she like a northerner, this time she wear black, dressed in a Gucci to milan, big fan! On his sunglasses and easy tsundere, dressed in a little red wine suits, tie-in and tight black vest and tight leather pants, will be a nice hour-glass figure perfect show, agile handsome and powerful aura, neutral wind, all show queen independent intellectual style! Hard to believe she is the mother of two children. Is known as 'J girl' kun ling is a typical half-blood beauty, china-australia let Korea's descent. Wearing A fleece Moschino letters, tie-in black Claudie Pierlot a-line skirt, and Tod 's tassel flat shoes, A pair of big elliptical frame sunglasses is more conspicuous. Proportion of super good, she is hard to believe that only the height of 162 cm. Queen is a big fan of independent women, one is full of tong qu, pure and fresh and beautiful beautiful after 90, which one you more support? Pictures from the network, if you want to delete please contact kaity @ yichao. Cn
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