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The male gods love EA glasses

by:Eugenia     2020-08-27
( Reading] Had last weekend, han han's life after the box office firmly broke three hundred million, although the total box office still lags behind that of guo's small age: golden times, but in the absence of new competitive film before painting, whether really to say. The 'ample' ( Emporio) Is Italian, means 'department store', an Armani Emporio Armani metaphor ( Armani) Department stores, Emporio Armani's product range things: there are men's wear women's clothing, shoes, perfumes and glasses accessories. Emporio Armani brand, founder of the han have a passion for Emporio Armani glasses is giorgio Armani ( Giorgio Armani) Was born in milan, Italy, Mr Giorgio Armani1934 in city suburbs. In 1957, after his military service, then to 'La Rinascente department store' bear 'designer' window. In 1961, he turned NinoCerruti make designer brands. In 1974, Mr Giorgio Armani and friend Sergio Galeotti Mr Joint venture, established by Giorgio Armani men's wear brand name. Giorgio Armani's first series of men's debut, is a fashion buyer and media attention. Men's suit jacket is Mr Giorgio Armani's trademark design, tailoring, natural and unrestrained easy to wear. Growing reputation business successfully opening line brand seems to be a natural thing. Opened in milan in 1981, Giorgio Armani's first Emporio Armani store, the brand was formally established. It is a famous Italian brands line of Giorgio Armani designed for young people. The 'ample' ( Emporio) Is Italian, means 'department store', it meant a armani, Armani) Department stores, product variety many: there are men's wear women's clothing, shoes, perfumes and glasses accessories. Male gods love Emporio Armani last season where the father son 'pair of the red man god liang zhang this year can be said to be the cause on the new peak, the yuelun wang director's new film, business prosperous people spirit, it's not nearly often between China and South Korea from top to bottom when the two countries were wearing Emporio Armani, lose Korea long legs and big long legs under the blessing of the Emporio Armani more handsome have a type! Pictures from the network, if you want to delete please contact
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