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The male stars black-rimmed glasses

by:Eugenia     2020-07-24
Small make up for you before inventory the black box of the female stars look, here are male star turn, then there is the welfare of the girls. Want to see a handsome boy go with me! Chen xiao chun culture soldier modelling shows black-rimmed glasses and highlight the role of drama, was very normal a costume for the ornament of black-rimmed glasses don't have a taste in the heart immediately. In uniform literary youth? Had a slightly immature han geng, wearing a black glasses in addition to much a gentle breath, handsome and fashion. And found that after careful observation, a pair of glasses makes people notice his straight nose, so is the bridge of the nose not hang something some resources waste. As an actor wearing black-rimmed glasses throughout the year, let a person feel glasses as if already a part of pinguan facial features. Estimate which day if you don't wear glasses pinguan, fans will find hard to accept, such as small make up face blindness patients may be directly beyond recognition. Have to say that the qc really wear the glasses, no problem of a gentle man. Good clean charming good reading atmosphere! Small make up is not good, come la live! Hc disease made again. 。 。 Black-rimmed glasses jj Lin gives a person the feeling of a boy next door, smiles as he is a sunshine boy, there is no distance. Through the lens of his eyes let a person feel kind and sincere. PS, small eyes of children's shoes to try black-rimmed glasses, surprise waiting for you there. More black-rimmed glasses of male star fashion, please concern dynamic oh, small make up sunglasses factory website infinite surprise for you!
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