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'The man' li-ying zhao how to control the glasses

by:Eugenia     2020-07-22
A romantic comedy film starring li-ying zhao, Hans zhang as 'female man true love formula' will be released in March 18 national, a little look forward to you? Can be said that the two grow in black, increasingly become the object of love. Today, li-ying zhao a set of 'outstanding student rocks' scenes, big to the small volume of independent design hair type, small to glasses and timely switch in the inflexible focus and clever eyes, make a rational, stubborn science female image more vivid nature, should be a 'man' image. Fit again, 'fish ponds couple' must have been a lot of people have been waiting for, two people once again as the protagonist had a big fight, true love is really exciting. At the same time, the film is also South Korea Europe bardeen yu, two big sunshine boy courtship drama at the same time, even if you take the old, will still be a fawn disorderly bump! Ha ha ha ~ in the interview, li-ying zhao said he character is also very close to the man in the life, almost don't wear a skirt, dress up like jeans and sneakers. In recent years, with the diligent work status and good viewing grades, li-ying zhao has become a recognized quality 'model worker' in the circle, and it serves to show her independence, strong woman man character. What type 'outstanding student female man' li-ying zhao in the film will also be what is the performance of the 'amazing', let's go to the cinema seen.
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