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The most eye myopia sunglasses which color, you put it right?

by:Eugenia     2020-09-01
Ultraviolet light is invisible killer, the eye is exposed to strong sunlight, the eye of the crystal fiber due to excessive ultraviolet radiation hardening, and uv damage to the human eye has a cumulative, slowly can form some eye diseases, such as cataracts, glaucoma, etc. Ultraviolet ( UV) What is? Ultraviolet light is a light invisible to the naked eye. According to its wavelength, can be divided into the UV - A、UV- B、UV- C。 紫外- A 90% ~ 95% to the surface. Harmful degree is less than the UV - B, but a long time after irradiation, there are still effects to the skin. 紫外- B is absorbed by the ozone layer, only 5% ~ 10% to reach the earth's surface. Harmful to skin and eyes, will cause sunburn, known as 'harmful ultraviolet rays. 紫外- C is absorbed by the atmosphere and the ozone layer, not to travel to the surface. Is very harmful. What color of glasses can protect your eyes most? 1. Gold lens, filter 100% 100% of the ultraviolet light golden lens sunglasses can filter ultraviolet ray, allowing the infrared and 83% visible light pass through lens. The biggest characteristic is that it can filter the sun most of the anti blue light. After gold lens filter blu-ray, nature scenery we can see more clearly. So wear golden glasses sunglasses when driving, you can look more clearly. 2. Green lens, filter 99% uv modern green lens can filter infrared light, also can filter 99% uv. But some landscape green lens can change color, the effect of blocking the light also slightly less grey lens. If you want to do a 'caring ambassador', might as well put on green lens sunglasses, let the multifarious noise around is quiet because of you. 3. Grey lens, filter 98% of uv light grey lens sunglasses almost equal amount of each color in sunlight filtering, but also can filter the infrared and 98% of the ultraviolet light. Wearing grey lens sunglasses, scenery the original color will not change by the lens, can maximum limit keep out light. Commonly known as 'black' lens is also belongs to the grey lens. Recommended reading: grey lens and yellow glass lens which fortunately hot Malaysia, grey lens more by local experts praised as 'the most comfortable sunglasses. Outdoor activities, wearing grey lens sunglasses, not only effectively, shading, also can see the beauty of the most primary colors. How to judge whether a uv protection sunglasses? Methods: see sunglasses tags have uv protection function of sunglasses, the express way generally have the following kinds: recommended reading: teach you how to identify sunglasses a) Labeled 'UV400' : this means that the lens of uv cutoff wavelength of 400 nm, namely the wavelength ( λ) Under 400 nm maximum of the spectral transmittance of tau Max ( λ) No more than 2%; b) Labeled 'UV', 'anti ultraviolet' : this says the lens of UV cutoff wavelength of 380 nm, namely the wavelength ( λ) Under 380 nm maximum of the spectral transmittance of tau Max ( λ) No more than 2%.
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