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'The Most Powerful Brain' is responsible for the value of beauty, the standard for the beauty queen Wen Xuan to choose a spouse? Wearing glasses, tall and thin-glasses common sense-business news-

by:Eugenia     2022-05-02
In the latest issue of 'The Most Powerful Brain: Burn Your BrainNot only has the appearance, but also the height, or the academic hegemony in the academic hegemony. There are handsome Zhang Yishuai, Liang Peng, Zhang Mingxuan, etc., there are also Chinese opera goddess Yin Guanqi, Tsinghua female doctor Chen Lilian, pure school flower Wang Menghan, and temperament supermodel Wang Wenxuan. Speaking of supermodel Wang Wenxuan, we have to say a few words, she is responsible for her appearance, she is good-looking, and she is also a supermodel and a female schoolmaster. All the advantages are given to him, and in the latest issue of the most powerful mind Once again defeated the opponent 'Mystery Point and Line' proved that the beauty Xueba counterattack was successful. And how many would you weigh on her mate selection criteria? The first most important thing is to wear glasses. Everyone knows that this may be the object of choice for academic masters. You must know that Wang Wenxuan is 181CM tall, Taurus, and graduated from the Law Department of Beijing Technology and Business University. Not only that, she is also a Miss World China Division. The runner-up is quite outstanding in education and strength, and he will have some knowledge in wearing glasses. The second one is to have an interesting soul. This is that the benevolent sees benevolence, and the wise sees wisdom. Everyone chooses different objects, and it will be obvious. Another point is to have tall and thin boys, so they look good, presumably There are really a few outstanding boys on the stage of 'The Strongest Brain'. When it comes to beauty, there are many other beauties. What attracts everyone's attention most is Yuan Ruixi of the women's group AKB48TeamSH, who is also a big beauty and a schoolmaster. This is similar to Ge Jiahui of SNM48 last year. Yuan Ruixi was born on July 17, 1995 in Guangdong, and graduated from the University of California, San Diego. After studying bioengineering in college, I was admitted to the Master Program, but later I chose my ideal career to join AKB48 as one of them. For the above two beauties, they have different temperaments. One is a supermodel and the other is a girl group. They have a high degree of education with their own aura, and they are also very good-looking. Will you be optimistic about them going to the end?
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