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The most romantic breath domestic designer sunglasses

by:Eugenia     2020-08-20
Has such a brand in the sunglasses brand, since its establishment has been follow European romanticism style, fashion, delicate, comfortable and so on elements, leading the domestic sunglasses fashion agitation, become a domestic famous brand sunglasses. It is the romance of domestic famous brands of sunglasses - Li meng. Today, we are one of the sunglasses, I hope you'll like it. Sent li meng sunglasses 8213 elegant series S2 black market price: RMB 268 sunglasses factory price: RMB 118 for immediate savings: $150 sent li meng elegant series 8213 a variety of decorative S2 black sunglasses with elegance, in line with the city beauty gentle temperament, delicate do manual work, reflect the wearer high-end style pursuit. Its lens to choose gorgeous pieces of PC and not easy deformation, make the frame weight is lightsome, relaxed and comfortable to wear. Designers with exquisite craft, the exquisite technique, gives the characteristic of this pair of glasses with elegant and romantic. In the face of such a romantic breath of the sunglasses, do you still hold to live?
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