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The movie blood youth lee jong-suk black-rimmed glasses the rocks is very eye-catching

by:Eugenia     2020-08-23
Directed by yeon-woo lee director, film starring lee jong-suk, walking on sunshine charm 'blood youth mainly is about 1980 s transverse chungnam hongseong female boss, the legendary playboy, undead gangster, and Seoul hot-blooded youth romance between transfer student. The film was an instant are popular with the audience friends, as one of the actor lee jong-suk popularity soared. Recently, lee jong-suk stage greetings dressing attracted the line of sight of people. Whether simple sweater with jeans or sedate girlies dress dress up a little, male god jong-suk lee to be able to easily manage, perfect deduce fashion star. Is assembly black-rimmed glasses of his perfect deduce fashion star of the rocks, was deeply loved by fans friends. In addition, starring lee jong-suk SBS on fire drama 'the stranger doctor' will also be broadcast April fish, the play of his perfect deduce defectors doctor. Lee jong-suk I also very much looking forward to this role.
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