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The nature's call: simple wooden glasses

by:Eugenia     2020-07-25
Glasses material more and more now, but the small make up is like the wooden glasses that restore ancient ways, because the general wooden glasses are very simple, but do not break vogue. This one comes from the nature's call, let our eyes the world suddenly become more bright. Wooden frames are natural materials glass frame, glass frame gloss is better made of natural material, and durable, has high conservation values. But natural material glass frame big shortcoming is easy to fracture, but after breaking the glass frame can still repair glue corrective glasses frame. Sagawa fujii 7302 dc03w tide model of plank of wood box big yards unisex imitation wood red myopia glasses sagawa fujii 7395 dc01 tide model of plank of wood box big yards unisex black myopia glasses product sagawa fujii high-end plank of wood of myopia glasses 7441 men and women dc01 wood saw so many black glasses, isn't it a bit to return uncut jade to put in true feeling? Believe everyone to match a pair of wooden glasses! But the wooden glasses take good maintenance, maintenance of youdao to make it more suitable for you. Take a look at the correct maintenance of glasses send seven method ~ a, screw down the screws: if the screw is loose, please timely to store or tighten yourself, otherwise the lens is easy to fall to the ground breaking or scrape. Two, keep clean, sweat or oil on the skin is easy to produce corrosion to metal part of the frame wash glasses every day, is very helpful to prolong the life of glasses. Three, correct fold: most of the glasses is first mirror foot gently fold expansion at the edge of the base, fold, if hard from the right leads to imbalance, skew frame itself, cause after you wear uncomfortable. Four, correct on day: take the glasses in one hand, make the frame deformation easily. If the frame is variant, find a local master glasses adjust Angle, don't adjust themselves, in order to avoid the broken lenses, damage the frame.
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