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The neutral wind continue to be popular this year

by:Eugenia     2020-08-18
With the development of modern society, the design ideas emerge in endlessly, and many fashion master seems to have a special liking to the neutral wind, and constantly change, for the neutral wind added a lot of content, this year the popular trend of still dominates the sunglasses, vertical and horizontal fashion. Neutral wind there is a natural social soil, on the one hand, professional women choose neutral glasses can allow themselves to be more strong, said in the workplace have equal status with men. Neutral glasses, on the other hand, because of the need for men and women common hobbies, so in terms of design details tend to simple lines, frame is composed of slender metal or plastic, more lens relative to a little flat, joint face design, let a person look more compact concise, colour also is given priority to with grey and brown. In recent years, in order to closer to the female consumer psychology, will make the lens into a bright colors such as pink, add some simple decoration slightly. Original sunglasses is shading effect, can effectively block harmful ultraviolet ray, screening of infrared light and other harmful rays at the same time, alleviate the damages of allowing the light to the eyes of many, now only army of fashion too hard, make the pursuit of fashion design seems to become the first standard choosing sunglasses, but perhaps ordinary sunglasses can be applicable, but when choosing professional sunglasses for outdoor use, it can only be sidelined. Outdoor sunglasses need professional performance, is the combination of function and fashion. This year, so pay attention to when choosing sunglasses, you can choose a pair of very powerful neutral sunglasses and meimei, wear a healthy and fashionable feeling!
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