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The new 2016 mirror sunglasses recommend

by:Eugenia     2020-07-21
2016 spring breath more and more strong, each big stores and large shopping sites are busy don't also yue! Want to in front of their friends and family a good beauty, except on new clothes, new jewelry, also need to prepare a pack to force god on hand - — Mirror sunglasses. Here we have a look at the new 2016 mirror sunglasses recommend together. 雷- The sunglasses Ray - ban blue flash mirror Ban Cats 5000 cool flash lens is a classic model of Cats in the brand-new deduction, the retro sunglasses to traditional and modern perfect fusion, colorful, interesting and vivid. Dolce & gabbana perfect design, exquisite carving design makes this pair of sunglasses show nobility and the temperament of restoring ancient ways. The cat's eye shape design, exquisite pattern will add shine to your modelling element, make you become street fashion focus. Wildfox Couture( Fox) Sunset glow color mirror reflective sunglasses wild fox modelling of this kind of mirror is not particularly big creativity, but the beautiful sunset colors create a warm and romantic feeling, very suitable for the sun warm warm winter. Dior blue gold bump color mirror sunglasses fresh blue gold, fashionable feeling. Combined with the modelling of classic aviator sunglasses, starting with the sunglasses, that really is the leading role of this winter. 雷- Ban sunglasses bright orange, yellow velvet mirrors, noble orange and soft die before the velvet box, first applied the velvet processing technology, Erika sunglasses is winter can't resist the necessary sheet is tasted.
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